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Summer 2021 Performances

Dear Students and Parents - Summer will be here before you know it and so will our 2021 Summer performances!

This Summer, students will have several opportunities to share their performances with us!

Sign up for our June Virtual Performance!

Sign up for our June In-Person Music Recitals

Sign up for our August In-Person Dance Recitals

19 September 2020 | Campus Updates for In-Person Lessons

Dear Parents and Students,

As the governor has now invoked Phase 3, we are pleased to announce that parents are now welcome to join us in our lobbies as we have reopened 50% of our seating.

Please note, that if you are happy with continuing your lessons online, you are welcome to do so even if you have been invited back.

We understand that everyone is concerned with safety at this time. Here is everything you need to know and plan for when returning to campus:

  • All faculty and staff receive daily temperature checks
  • All academy equipment touched will be fully sanitized after each student's use
  • All HVAC systems have been upgraded with Global Plasma Solutions and NPBI (Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization) technology which kills viruses and a variety of airborne pathogens (Trusted by the Whitehouse, Google, and more)
  • Faculty and Staff to sanitize hands upon arrival and faculty after each lesson
  • Hand sanitizer in each studio
  • All Faculty and Staff as well as students (who do not have breathing issues) ages 8-up are required to wear masks.
  • Social distancing in each studio observed to fullest extent possible
  • When you arrive, please wait outside the building until a few minutes before your lesson begins. Allow enough time to use the restroom and sanitize your hands before your lesson.
  • Our bottled water, and coffee services will remain temporarily closed.
  • Parents will be able to observe all lessons and classes via Zoom if you are unable to find a seat in the lobby.
  • Your teacher may ask to take your temperature with a contact free thermometer.
  • Wait for your teacher to open the classroom door for you before entering.
  • In order to maintain the health of our community, students, parents, faculty, staff should not enter the school if they are displaying any symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, coughing, mild fever. Even if it is due to allergies or other causes, understand that it is in everyone's best interests to proceed with online communications and lessons until you are completely symptom free!
  • We are so very happy to have you back with us and cannot wait to see you. We have truly missed all of you!

    Ryan Cullen, Academy Director

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