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Tears of Joy - Reflections on Student Accomplishments

Now Enrolling In Music & Dance Classes - Mandeville, Covington, Harahan, LA

Dear Students and Parents,

I’d like to extend my congratulations to all of our students, parents, faculty, and staff for the 10 outstanding music concerts held the last two weekends in June. Watching you all use your talents and grow in your skills is truly the greatest part of my job here at LAAPA. It’s why I don’t mind lugging amps, camera equipment, a full drum set, and hardware up and down a flight of stairs or watching nearly 400 performances! Of course, we can’t wait to see all of our dancers take the spotlight this August!


Just as the growth of a child is more apparent to those who see him/her less frequently, we as educators and parents need to stop sometimes and absorb all that has taken place! Just the other day I was watching some old videos of my former students on our Facebook page (@laapaface) and will admit that perhaps a tear or two of joy popped up when I realized how far they had truly come. I’m fairly certain that all of our faculty can share a similar story because as educators, we are always proud of what our students have accomplished, and just when we think that we couldn’t be prouder, they top themselves again and again. Having personally watched thousands of performances over the years, seeing the evolution over the span of months and years is phenomenal. This is all because you and our amazing faculty members have worked hard to make it happen!


While we’re talking about lasting memories, video orders are now being filled! If you’d like to order a high-definition video of your performance, simply go to! You can see some recent videos on our Youtube channel at


So let’s summarize a few things that took place at our 2021 Summer Concerts!


1.) Our students have just built a great deal of self-confidence by performing on stage!
I always like to compare performing on stage with public speaking. Public speaking is many times feared more by most adults than almost anything else! With our student performers, we need to additionally recognize your courage and success because in most cases, you were not only “speaking publicly” through your performances, but you were doing so while still “learning how to speak” through the art of music and dance in your lessons! Wow! One can only imagine what you will continue to achieve with a growing sense of self-confidence.


2.) Our students have truly learned the importance of meeting deadlines.
No matter what you do in life, you’re going to be required to accomplish things by a certain date. All of our students knew when they needed to be ready for the recitals. There was no option to delay their performances. There was no option to perform without anyone hearing or seeing you. It took a great deal of commitment, sacrifice, and hard work in your studies and practice for you to succeed in meeting the deadline. So, congratulations on succeeding in this very important area!


3.) Our students have inspired many others in the audience who witnessed their talent.
Performing for any group of people is an emotional experience not only for our student performers but also for the audience as well. Audience members will appreciate the performance, but one never knows who in the audience will additionally be inspired to perhaps try a new program or work harder at one they are already studying. Indeed, it may have been your performance that convinced someone else to think, “Hey, that was awesome, maybe I CAN do something like that, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if next time that was me up there?!”


Remember that while all of our concerts are completely optional in terms of participation, they really are an integral part of music and dance education - so if you weren’t ready this time, be on the lookout for the next ones!


Ryan Cullen, Director

Join the Fun with Music & Dance

Enroll Today for In-Person or Online Music & Dance Classes in New Orleans, Mandeville, Harahan and more

At LAAPA, we offer the most comprehensive Music & Dance Program in the Greater New Orleans area with three campuses located in Covington, Harahan, and Mandeville. For over 40 years, we’ve provided lessons to tens of thousands of students in Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Drums, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap, Brass, Woodwind, Bands, Preschool Music, and more!

Covington: 985-590-4545
Mandeville: 985-674-2992
River Ridge: 504-738-3050
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Zoom Update

Virtual Classes!

Starting July 8, all zoom classes will have ONE meeting ID! Please enter the new universal meeting ID to access your virtual lesson. The New Universal Meeting ID: 504 208 2301 For a detailed guide on Zoom setup, visit
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Photo Day is Coming Soon!

Photo Day at LAAPA

Professional photo day for musicians and dancers is coming to River Ridge and Mandeville with MillerFoto!

River Ridge: Sunday, July 25
Mandeville: Sunday, August 1

-No sitting fee and no minimum package purchase.
-No pre-paying. Order safely and conveniently online.
-You will see all of your photos before ordering.
-Order anytime!
-Family-friendly pricing.

To sign up for an appointment, please call or visit the front desk at school. *Please plan on being at the studio for at least one hour. Only 1 parent and the student are allowed in the studio. Cell phones, food, and drink are not allowed.
Contact Us!

Free Community Class - Acting!

LAAPA Community Class - Acting

If acting is your passion, attending our Acting class will help put your dream into practice! Join us for a FREE one-hour Acting Community Class at the Mandeville School of Music & Dance (105 Campbell Ave in Mandeville, LA 70471).

- Saturday, July 17, 2021
- 3:15-4:15pm
- Ages 10-16

Mr. Nicoli Hutchison, LAAPA instructor of piano, voice, guitar, and musical theatre achieved a BFA in Acting and Music from William Carey University and is excited to host this new event.

While participation is free, spaces are limited. Visit or call us at 985-674-2992 to register for this FREE event!
Register Today!

Recording Studio

Private Music Lessons at LAAPA

Our recording studio is located at the Mandeville campus and features a 32 track ProTools system, 4k video cameras, premium mics and equipment. Click the button below to learn more, schedule a studio tour or Book Your Session today!
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Happy July Birthdays!

We'd like to wish the following Students a very Happy Birthday this Month!

Abigail C. (4), Adelina V. (13), Ainsley K. (10), Aldrin V. (12), Alexander D. (16), Alexi M. (13), Aliyah M. (5), Andi P. (5), Angelena M. (10), Angelina W. (12), Angelina M. (3), Angelique M. (14), Antonella C. (10), Auburn M. (7), Audrey M. (8), Bethany F. (10), Braelynn M. (14), Brenda G. (61), Bria D. (4), Brooks B. (9), Caleb B. (8), Catherine S. (34), Charlotte M. (2), Chole N. (10), Christian S. (8), Christian P. (12), Christy H. (15), Clay M. (14), Cruz F. (6), David H. (14), Dominic G. (15), Dylan G. (6), Elin M. (8), Ellie D. (9), Emily D. (4), Eowyn R. (7), Gabriel C. (12), Gavin M. (14), Genesis P. (14), George G. Jr. (12), Gerardo E. (11), Gracyn D. (15), Hannah C. (14), Hannah P. (15), Harrison E. (14), Hunter C. (12), Isaac P. (14), Isaac R. (11), Isabella L. (17), Jacob H. (13), Jamie H. (19), Jasper A. (5), Jax E. (10), Jeremiah P. (13), Johnny Lynn M. (12), Jordan S. (12), Josef S. (15), Joseph A. (14), Joseph D. (12), Josiyah J. (5), Juliette J. (5), Kaitlynn L. (8), Karsyn L. (7), Khloe K. (6), Kiley B. (13), Kyrie G. (3), Landon J. (16), Landry F. (6), Laura L. (16), Leah Z. (14), Leah M. (6), Leah C. (10), Leo P. (8), Leto L. (21), Levi W. (6), Liam C. (9), Liam V. (12), Lilia T. (6), Lucille C. (7), Luke O. (11), Madeleine P. (12), Madisyn T. (10), Maezy M. (8), Marianne R. (35), Marie C. (17), Marina V. (12), Mary Katherine L. (9), Mason P. (11), Michael B. (12), Myrionne C. (29), Nadia G. (6), Nathan J. (11), Nicole B. (31), Nicoli H. (26), Olivia W. (14), Raegan M. (5), RJ H. (23), Rosalie C. (9), Ryleigh R. (12), Samantha K. (7), Samyria R. (17), Saul R. (7), Savannah M. (4), Scarlet B. (5), Silas W. (9), Sofia S. (15), Sophia R. (10), Spencer J. (8), Stella L. (7), Stephanie R. (9), Tenzley L. (8), Tristian L. (13), Troy G. (6), Tucker H. (10), Victoria H. (23)

Video of the Month - Johnny B. Goode performed by Jaden & Jorden

Jaden (guitar) and Jorden (piano) shared this performance with us at our Summer Concert! They are joined by their teacher Mr. Christian (drums/vocals) as well as Mr. Bill on bass. To learn more about getting started in music lessons locally or online, visit


Important Dates

Take a moment to review the following upcoming dates:

New Artwork by Michaela Howell

Artwork by Michaela Howell

We are very fortunate to work with local artist Michaela Howell. Many of her paintings and art are on display at all three of our school campuses!

Michaela recently brought in new artwork that can be viewed at both of our Northshore campuses. The beautiful piece above is available for purchase at our Mandeville location for $425

Interested in purchasing art from Michaela? Inquire at the front desk!

With down home country humble beginnings Michaela has always been very resourceful. She cuts, sands, primes, paints, and in some cases stains her abstract versions of the wooden instruments, creating very hands-on works of art. This resourcefulness has “Played” out very nicely in her most current work. Though the recycling of varying musical instrument components including guitar strings, violin knobs, music sheets featuring the instrument showcased, Michaela portrays a ‘current’ sense of style combined with a very vivid color pallet, creating a symphony for the senses!
View More!

Students Spotlight - The Raby Sisters

Student of the Month at River Ridge - LAAPA

This month, we are excited to highlight students Savannah and Stella Raby from our Covington School of Music! These two sisters are a dynamic duo rockin’ two different instruments; Savannah on guitar and Stella on piano. When asked what they love about their lessons, Savannah shared, “I get to learn a lot of new things, and I love playing guitar!” while Stella shared, “I love playing piano, and Mr. Nicoli is a great teacher!”

Outside of music classes, these two keep a full schedule and never skip a beat! Both Savannah and Stella are gymnasts and take karate; Savannah also plays softball, and Stella dances and sings. The girls also share a favorite musical artist, Taylor Swift, and enjoy listening to and playing most pop music! When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, Savannah announced, “I want to be a guitar musician and also a pastry chef!” while Stella exclaimed, “I want to be a professional musician when I grow up!”.

Here at LAAPA, we think these two sisters have what it takes to make it as stars, and we can’t wait to see how they progress in their lessons! Thanks so much for sharing, Savannah and Stella. We are thrilled to have both of you as members of our LAAPA family!

A HUGE welcome to our newest students who began lessons or added programs in June!

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA. We know you will do great things this year!

Addisyn O.
Adeline S.
Alessa A.
Allie S.
Andi P.
Andrea H.
Angele R.
Annabelle R.
Apollo D.
Aranza H.
Ariel T.
Aubrey H.
Benjamin A.
Brittany J.
Brooke P.
Bryce B.
Caroline S.
Chadwick Y.
Charlotte M.
Christopher R.
Cole B.
Daisy Rose C.
Daniel R.
Demi H.

Eileen D.
Eleanore C.
Eli A.
Ellie D.
Elyza T.
Emaline M.
Eros A.
Ethan B.
Ethan H.
Felicity's V.
Ford A.
Frida G.
Genevieve O.
Haley P.
Hunter C.
James M.
Jasmin T.
Jason A.
Jasper A.
Jayden K.
Jayden J.
Jayden J.
Jean M.
Joe A.

Jonathan M.
Joseph A.
Juliette L.
Kai W.
Karri W.
Kauan G.
Kayden E.
Landon J.
Lavern S.
Laynie G.
Lea W.
Leah M.
Leah C.
Leto L.
Lillian S.
Lilly Belle C.
Lola R.
Madeleine B.
Madison A.
Marisella D.
Mark B.
Martinez M.
Mary B.
Melony B.

Meredith L.
Myliah G.
Owen M.
Rachael W.
Rena B.
Rosalyn B.
Rosie G.
Rylie H.
Samantha Q.
Samantha K.
Sarai J.
Savannah M.
Scarlett C.
Shawn L.
Silas H.
Skilyn B.
Solène L.
Sophia D.
Sophia R.
Stella R.
Torry M.
Trimeaka L.
Wesley G.
Wyatt K.
Yuliana M.

Student "Shout Outs!"

“We are loving dance with Mrs. Brianna! Reese’s favorite part of Parent and Tot would be that Brianna integrates free dance and play activities to get all their creativity out each class in addition to the ballet curriculum!”
- Williams Family

“He is becoming more confident. He is becoming a part of something that he doesn’t even realize. He is more confident that he belongs to something. When we first began, he was distracted, but now he knows what to expect. Mr. Bill brings him back. It is a great fit. He is eight years old now, he will be nine soon, and he is a boy, so Mr. Bill keeps him focused. We are doing a fabulous job at staying connected. A video lesson was sent over when he had to miss a lesson. No matter what comes they stay connected with a child.”
- McGuire Family

“I love my voice lessons with Mr. Frank! My favorite part would have to be a combination of Frank’s skill and kindness. I have a background in music myself, so it’s great to have a teacher that’s so knowledgeable!”
- Bill S.

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