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Drama Classes - a Beginner's Guide

Brand New to Drama Classes? Here are eight questions you should ask wherever you choose to study!

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Drama Classes in Acting and Musical Theatre, and More for Kids / Teens / Adults

Drama Classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults in Harahan, Mandeville, Metairie, Covington, LA

What is the Best Age to Start in Drama Classes?

Our drama program welcomes students beginning at age 7. We find this is an excellent time for students to begin exploring their creativity on stage in a fun, yet focused and progressive environment.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Taking Drama Classes?

Acting classes allow students to safely explore their inner creativity by transforming themselves on stage into the character of the moment! Character study allows the student to discover and implement body language with key physical and emotional traits for confident and persuasive communication with the audience. Speech and vocal skills are a significant focus of the drama program as vocal clarity (without excessive reliance on microphone amplification) is key. Enhanced self-confidence, stage presence, and social skills are all natural benefits of our acting program.

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Do I Need to Audition before Enrolling in a Class?

Auditions are not required to enroll in any of our theatre and drama classes. We love working with students of all backgrounds, from brand new beginners to advanced students. Auditions will be held for each show that is produced to ensure that each student is cast in a part best representing his/her current skills. All students who audition will receive parts.

Drama Classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults in Harahan, Mandeville, Metairie, Covington, LA

What is the Difference between Musical Theatre Classes and Acting Classes?

In our acting program, classes focus almost exclusively on preparing for various non-musical style shows. While there may occasionally be some musical training, that is not the main focus of the class and actors selected for roles requiring song/dance will usually be studying privately with one of our many amazing vocal/dance faculty. Our musical theatre program prepares students to sing and dance on stage to popular showtunes and broadway style musicals. This is combined with a small amount of acting. Many students enjoy taking both classes to maximize their training!

Do You Offer Private Lessons?

Students who wish to focus on developing individual skills such as improving monologues, general stage presence, speech clarity/dialects, audition prep, etc may prefer to enroll privately with one of our theatre faculty members.

Drama Classes in Harahan, River Ridge LA for Kids, Teens, and Adults

What Performance Opportunities do you Offer?

Our theatre students put on productions each Fall and Summer. Performances are held both on campus in our performance halls, as well as in larger-scale theatres. Students also have the opportunity to participate in occasional film productions. In 2021, our acting, dance, and music departments came together to produce Luna in Christmasland, an original musical!

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Are Shows Mandatory?

Performance on stage is a large part of every budding actor's training and development! However, we understand that many times students may prefer to work behind the scenes. All theatre students have the option of working of working with lighting, sound, set design, stage management, props, etc. should they prefer this to being in the spotlight!

What are the Qualifications of the Drama & Theatre Teachers?

All of our drama instructors have years of professional industry experience as well as University training in theatre. In addition to their stage experience, our faculty also bring their experience in television and film to our students.

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What is the Tuition/Cost?

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Current Drama & Musical Theatre Class Tuition

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Frequently Asked Questions

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